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Do you make contact with college coaches for players?


To help any athlete in any sport, they first need an adequate GPA and test scores. That is why we require our players  to be positive members of society, be committed students and be skilled enough to play on the college level. This helps our ability to contact college coaches on our players' behalf. AF will collaborate with players' high school coaches to include them in the process as well. Also, we offer personal training videos that can be sent to college coaches.


Do these teams travel?


Yes, ATX Future is a travel based select basketball program. Some travel destinations include Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.


What costs are involved?


At AF, we  offer an elite program that gives players access to the best coaches and trainers while also being affordable for our players' families. The team fees assist us with covering things such as gym rental, tournament entry, equipment, and coaches. There will also be a separate cost for out of town tournaments, which covers coaches' travel and lodging. We strive to be as transparent and conservative in our pricing and use of funds to ensure we keep costs down while not sacrificing anything in the experience for our players.


How are practices run?


Practice development is based on individual and team needs. Each practice will utilize skills set training stations which include ball handling, shooting, and attack moves for example. Speed and agility training will be implemented during each practice as well to develop footwork.


Why should I choose ATX Future?


We believe in player development and not just wins during tournament play. Our coaching staff is comprised of experienced skills trainers and coaches. We don't spend the majority of our practices scrimmaging. We teach, train and develop.

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