"Terry Smothers is a coach who truly cares about the students he trains & coaches. . ."


Terry Smothers is a coach who truly cares about the students he trains & coaches.  He's worked with our son as a team coach & trainer for several years and we have been extremely pleased with the results.  After one season on training, our son was 1st Team All District.  In addition to the excellent skills training he provides, Terry takes time to go to attend school games and give feedback & encouragement.  We highly recommend him!!


Laura Rosales

"If you want results, I highly recommend Coach Smothers. . ."


As a father of 4 boys that all play basketball, I have spent the better part of the past 7 years in basketball gyms.  I have come across many coaches and trainers during that time and I can say without a doubt that Coach Terry Smothers is the best.  His knowledge of the game and how to teach it to young players is remarkable.  Coach Smother’s training sessions include conditioning, agility, footwork, dribbling, and shooting drills as well as teaching fundamentals and court awareness.  He takes pride in his training and is constantly adding the latest training tools and devices available on the market to his training sessions to help the players improve their game.  His style of teaching is clear and concise, and the players respond.  If you want results, I highly recommend Coach Smothers.


Mike Armour

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"There are many trainers and coaches in the ATX, but I can honestly say that Coach Smothers is truly in this for the kids and not for himself or his program. . ."


We first met coach Terry Smothers during the 2008-2009 basketball season. Our son, Charles Swain, had just transferred to Summit Christian Academy HS for his junior year and Coach Smothers was one of the assistant coaches for the boys basketball program & was Charles position coach. Under Coach Smothers tutelage, Charles became an All District 1st Team player both his junior & senior seasons, District MVP his senior year and a two time 1st Team All State player as well as a two time 1st Team All State tournament team member. Charles left as the all time career leading scorer at Summit and set a single game & career record with 46pts, 13rebs, 11ast & 10stls. During Charles' senior year, he averaged 29pts a game during district play and 26.4pts, 6.3rebs, 6.4ast & 4.6stls overall during the 2009-2010 season, leading central Texas in scoring. Charles is now a senior at Simpson College, where he has earned all conference honors and conference player of the week honors. Charles has led his college team in scoring the last two years & will graduate in May with his degree in Business Management.

Since Coach Smothers did an excellent job in training and coaching Charles, we approached him about working with our daughter, Troi, who was entering HS at McNeil during the 2010-2011 school year. Once again, under the training of Coach Smothers, our daughter Troi Swain became a starter for McNeil from her freshman year to her senior year. During this time, Troi was a 4 time 1st Team All District player, American Statesman newcomer of the year, 2nd Team All Central Texas and 1st Team All Central Texasas well as Central Texas and District 16-5A offensive player of the year, 1st Team All Academic District 16-5A. Troi holds just about every record for the McNeil varsity girls program and finished her career in 2nd place behind Aj Abrams as the all time leading scorer in school history (boys/girls) with 2,522 points, just 39pts shy of passing Mr. Abrams. Troi is the all time career steals (boys/girls) leader in the history of McNeil HS with 527 steals. As a result, Troi earned a full scholarship to a D1 college.

I'm not bragging about my kids, but I am bragging about Coach Terry Smothers because both Charles & Troi's direct success as student-athletes came from spending many hours in the gym with Coach Smothers perfecting their skill development in not only basketball but also as students and kids that their communities could be proud of. They are good kids, well liked by their peers and teammates.

There are many trainers and coaches in the ATX but I can honestly say that Coach Smothers is truly in this for the kids and not for himself or his program he truly wants to see all of his kids succeed in the game of life. Others in this area can't say the same because I have witness them and Coach Smothers and its night & day. We thank coach Smothers and appreciate all that he has done for our children.


Everett Swain

"To me, he is The Best Trainer in Central Texas. . ."

My experience with Coach Smothers has been great. He has been my coach and trainer since I was a freshman. He has helped me to become the basketball player I am today. Playing AAU with him, you will learn fundamentals, get your handles right and go through the toughest drills to get you better. His training is the best. To me, he is The Best Trainer in Central Texas. His drills will get your game way better. Now I am at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and the first thing I’m doing when I get back on Christmas break is training with him to stay in basketball shape and get my game better. You should join his AAU program and train with him too. He will get you to become the best basketball player you can be.


Jalil Francois

"Terry Smothers does an outstanding job balancing patience and uncompromising expectations. . ."


Jordan Ott, Lake Travis 2018, has had multiple personal trainers since grade 4. For the past 2 years she has been training under Terry Smothers. His training techniques simulate game-like scenarios and focus on fundamentals, footwork, form, muscle/endurance and high-level finishing moves.


Jordan's game improved drastically in one year. She has always been a productive scorer, but her overall ability and game impact has completely changed. With Jordan's improvements, her new skill level has even gotten her looks from Division 1 colleges around the nation as an 8th grader. Further, her confidence has blossomed and she is a complete floor leader and a player with a range of abilities. Terry Smothers does an outstanding job balancing patience and uncompromising expectations. He also has the intuitive sense for scaffolding the appropriate skills and drills in order to truly develop players. Most importantly, Terry carries himself with strong ethical principles and possesses a deep knowledge of the game.


Bobby Ott

"I would tell ANYONE that is SERIOUSLY looking to elevate their game to check out at least one training session with Coach Smothers. . ."

I would tell ANYONE that is SERIOUSLY looking to elevate their game to check out at least one training session with Coach Smothers!!! His

knowledge and love for the game coupled with his enthusiasm and personal commitment to develop Elite “Ballers” is priceless!!! My daughter has trained with Coach Smothers for a year now and hascaught the attention of Division I level Schools!!! The instruction is very detailed and the drills are game focused. He’s the “Real Deal” every session is combined with core fundamentals, skill development and

speed/strength training. He pushes and challenges players with EVERY rep!!!


Brandon Myles

"I was amazed at my son's transformation. . ."

My son has trained with many folks in the Austin area including former NBA and college players.  But after his sophomore year in high school his progress seemed to have plateaued – like his private training sessions were barely more than extra repetition.  I was referred to Terry Smothers by a friend and decided to give him a try.  I was amazed at what I saw in his first session as Terry went through unique drills that I had never seen before.  My son was taught to shoot with a quick release.  He was taught different offensive moves based on the position of the defensive players.  He was taught to dribble and dribble and dribble!  Basics first!  Terry spent time talking to him – helping him understand what it takes to be a leader.  I was amazed at my son’s transformation his junior year as he led his team in scoring, showed dramatic improvements in dribbling, ball control and court awareness.  Terry Smothers is the best skills trainer we have ever worked with.   He is a real difference maker, motivational and breaks things down into simple easy-to-understand instruction.


Keith Fisher

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